Life as I knew it

It's been almost four months since our lives have changed. And trust me, they have changed. Honestly, I can not say for better or for worse, my life now is just absolutely different and I don't dare to compare the one from before my daughters birth to the one I'm living right now. She is the cutest little thing and I cannot imagine being without her anymore. I can already notice that she enjoys music and me playing guitar. Not always though. There are days when I start playing she looks at me and must be thinking: "Pleaase stop!" and then just starts to cry. I'm sorry baby, :-)I'm currently working on my baby's own song. Can't wait for her to hear it for the first time. Hopefully she won't cry then :-)Love you baby girl!

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Official Alternative Music Video

In 2016, my dad had asked me if I wanted to hike the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) with him. This trail runs from the Mexican border to Canada, is 4265km (2650 ml) long and takes about six months to hike. We decided to conquer a section of it and planned on hiking through the wilderness of California for two months towards Mexico. Hiking this trail means planning your food supply in advance since you spend most of your days in the mountains, in the wilderness. You get to a town or some civilization probably around every 7-14 days. This means you will carry everything you need in your backpack. You will learn not to need anything! One shirt, one pair of socks and one pair of boxers! At first, I loved the idea of hiking the PCT, as soon as we hit the trail I was annoyed and really didn’t want to be there. It was incredibly hard and tiering. We hiked…

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New Single – Hero of Mine

Owiwi's new single Hero of Mine will be released on December 16, 2022. The song was written over 6 years ago and talks about his adventure of a live time, when his dad, who asked him to hike the Pacific Crest Trial with him, which runs through the wilderness of California, passed away on this hike. Owiwi wants to honor his dad with this song and dedicates it to all the heroes out there.Save it to your playlists on Spotify using this pre-safe link:

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Ed Sheeran

Is Ed a brilliant musician? No doubt about it. Some of my favourite songs are of his lesser know material, but his huge successes are incredible as well. But, what really makes this guy a role model for me is the fact that he just never stops performing music. In his early days he was busking on the streets trying out new stuff, working on his act, learning how to entertain his audience. That is something even harder than coming up with new melodies and songs. Putting yourself out there, being ready for folks not liking your music. That's fucking hard! But it's the only way to get better! So from now on, and this is more a promise to myself than to who ever reads this, I will perform more, pick up my guitar in public more, get ready for shows again and take every chance I can to at least play a couple of songs. This includes preparing my music…

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I wrote this piece several years back, but on Sunday I had this strong urge to just sit down and play it again. Usually, on good days, it's the happiest song for me that I have ever written, but right now as there is a war around the corner involving only innocent people except of a couple of so called world leaders, it just makes me so so sad!I hope this piece of music offers a little bit of hope to who ever needs it right now!

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My World – on Spotify

I'm really happy to annouce that My World cracked 4000 streams today on Spotify. This is so cool. What do you think? Will it reach the 10000 stream mark any time soon? By the way, did you actually know, that it helps us musicians out sooo much when our songs are being placed on your playlists? It shows the algorithm that there is something about the song and if enough people do the same thing, well then THE ALGORITHM will think:"Hey, maybe I should show this to even more people?". Alright that's it. Enough with this little IT/Social Media crash course!Catch you next time!Your's O.

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New Website

It's been a while since my website has been updated. Finally the day has come. I'm still working on a couple of bugs, but it's coming along pretty quickly. Feel free to sign up for the newsletter and be one of the first to my news. Best way to get in touch is to follow me on Instagram... just go ahead and DM me, if you feel like chatting. Your's Owiwi

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New Single – My World

Born in Vienna Austria Owiwi started writing music at a young age. Surely not having perfected the craft, he was given the opportunity to go to the East Coast of the United States to dive deeper into songwriting. After a couple of years abroad his path took him back to his home town, where he has since created and written music for other national and international artists, advertising and of course himself. The second single "My World" released on Feb. 4th, 2022 is all about love and how much his little niece changed his little world.

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Living Room Sessions

Over the course of the lock down due to corona virus I started a little project I call Living Room Sessions. Basically I just play my songs and a couple of cover songs in a simple and cosy manner. All I wanted was to have fun and maybe spread a little bit of joy to everyone who watches the videos. I'm not limiting myself to a certain format or a specific typ of video. Simplicity is key, but also it's a way to try out new types of videos, maybe learn new songs and most importantly: to have fun! Current list of Living Room Sessions can be found right here:I'll Be Waiting feat. Jeffrey GabuniaLife Is A Game I'd really appreciate it if you follow me on YouTube and Instagram. Thank you!~Owiwi

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New Single out – I’ll Be Waiting

It took us a long time to actually finish this song. But we finally did it, and I'm so incredibly happy to announce to everyone that the song we started working on in 2011 is now available on all platforms like Spotify and iTunes. Please feel free to call your local radio station and request the song. You would really help me out a whole lot by doing so. Also please please please share it where ever it can be shared! Finde the song on the following platforms: SpotifyAmazoniTunes

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