Living Room Sessions

Over the course of the lock down due to corona virus I started a little project I call Living Room Sessions. Basically I just play my songs and a couple of cover songs in a simple and cosy manner. All I wanted was to have fun and maybe spread a little bit of joy to everyone who watches the videos. I'm not limiting myself to a certain format or a specific typ of video. Simplicity is key, but also it's a way to try out new types of videos, maybe learn new songs and most importantly: to have fun! Current list of Living Room Sessions can be found right here:I'll Be Waiting feat. Jeffrey GabuniaLife Is A Game I'd really appreciate it if you follow me on YouTube and Instagram. Thank you!~Owiwi

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New Single out – I’ll Be Waiting

It took us a long time to actually finish this song. But we finally did it, and I'm so incredibly happy to announce to everyone that the song we started working on in 2011 is now available on all platforms like Spotify and iTunes. Please feel free to call your local radio station and request the song. You would really help me out a whole lot by doing so. Also please please please share it where ever it can be shared! Finde the song on the following platforms: SpotifyAmazoniTunes

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